Grandma’s Christmas

The Innkeeper’s Mother isn’t getting any younger, and finds it hard to get out of bed.  She’s also a bit grumpy because there’s a bright light outside that’s stopping her getting to sleep.  

But thankfully her grandchildren have come to stay, and they keep her up to date with all the unusual visitors and strange ‘goings on’ in the stable outside. “Grandma’s Christmas” is the story of the nativity told through the eyes of children.

And what a story they tell!

There’s a big lady who needs somewhere to stay, men with crowns on who have lost something, and even more men with large hooks looking for a special baby. It’s a busy night at the Inn and eventually Grandma can’t resist going to see what is happening in the stable for herself. This quirky, fun and moving nativity is packed full of memorable songs that will have your audience laughing, tapping their feet, and maybe even shedding the odd tear (in a good way!).

This show is written for 4 to 11 year olds and lasts approximately 40 minutes.

You are free to use the material on our CD for all teaching purposes. However, if our musicals are to be performed to an audience other than pupils and staff, then an instant licence is required. An instant licence permits any number of performances (with or without admission charge), within the 12 month period specified on the licence. The instant licence can be purchased only at the time of ordering the CD package, (by select the option that includes the instant licence).


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